Which power bank to buy in India ?

There can be no doubt about the huge increase of data as well as gaming usage in the smart gadgets of today. Whether it is the smart phone, tablet or the phablet, people are using them to communicate, get entertained like never before. The increased size, clarity of smart phones screens has also helped a great deal. With new technologies like VR (virtual reality) and AR(augmented reality) also coming in, the scope for entertainment has increased manifold.

Gadget manufacturers have been quick to come out with longer lasting batteries for smart phones but the craze and demand for even more cannot be denied. Nobody wants to get stuck anywhere with their smart phone battery run out of juice. Moreover, when there is no charger slot or power source at a place,they would want to have a backup mechanism and this is where power banks are becoming more and more popular.

So what actually is this power bank?

Essentially, the power bank is storage of power. All you need to do when the battery in your smart phone runs out is plug this bank into your phone and watch the device draw power from the bank.

Frequent travelers and even the not so frequent ones now keep Xech power banks always with them. The power bank helps you to charge not only your phone but also the laptop, tablet and phablet.

Keep the following in mind when buying power banks in India.

  1. a) The battery capacity of the power bank you are buying should be more than the battery capacity of your gadget. Ideally it should be at least 2 times more. Any power bank with more than 10000mAh battery is recommended.
  2. b) It is preferable to go for Li-Polymer power banks since the charge density provided by them is much more. They are expensive but will pay you back over time. They are lighter and safer as well.
  3. c) The output port of the power bank has an ampere rating. Go for the ones with 2.1A
  4. d) Similarly, go for an input rating of also 2.1A
  5. e) If you carry more devices with you, choose power banks with multiple ports so that you can charge devices simultaneously.
  6. f) Check that the safety certifications like FCC, ROHS and CE are clearly mentioned on the power bank.

We recommend Xech power banks in India as they meet the above parameters. You can call us on the numbers below to know more about these power banks.

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