X-Board A3

4,999.00 3,999.00

Used for eyesight protection,

3 level brightness,

Emergency torch,

In stock

Micro Input

5 V


1 A


6.4 W


3 Levels

Torch/Emergency light






Net weight

381 gm

Working Temperature

-10°C to 60°C


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A Backlit Portable X-Ray Viewer & Drawing Board, preferred by Industry experts

Xech X-Board is a premium design Portable X-Ray Viewer that doubles up as a Drawing Board. It consumes only about 6.4w of Power & is a super energy-efficient devices. With 3 Levels of adjustable Brightness Modes, view X-Ray’s, Blue Prints & other important documents that require accurate & clear readings. It has an Anti-Dazzling Surface that creates the perfect Well-Lit ambiance for any semi-transparent document. X-Board is even portable & super handy! It comes in two sizes: Standard (360*240mm) & Large: 431.8*355.6mm. The light of the X-Board can even double up as an Emergency Torch. Xech X-Board is preferred by Industry Experts from various fields, such as Doctors, Engineers & Artists!

Two Sizes

Your X-Board. Your choice.

Xech X-Board comes in two different sizes: Standard (360*240mm) & Large (431.8*355.6mm). Both variants have the same features & can be purchased according to the size of X-rays, Blueprints, Documents one works with. Both variants are equally portable & super handy!

Anti-Dazzling Design

Get the perfect light on every inch.

Xech X-board is embedded with premium, high-quality LED Lights with an Anti-Dazzling mechanism. No matter the brightness setting, the light that the X-Board produces will be smooth & gentle-to-the eyes. It even helps significantly reduce eye strain by providing the perfect ambiance!

3 Levels Of Brightness

The perfect Portable X-Ray Viewer, no matter the time of the day.

Xech X-board’s sleek design embodies 3 Levels of Brightness that the device can produce. All levels of Brightness provide uniform light distribution & the perfect reading ambiance for X-Ray’s & other Documents. All of this consumes only 6.4w of Power. No wonder the Xech X-Board is a preferred device when it comes to Portable X-Ray Viewers & Drawing Boards!