Number Cruncher

2,599.00 999.00

Compatible with windows and mac,

Portable device,

USB connection

In stock

Multi function Calculator

Can control multimedia as well as work on calculations

LCD Number Display Screen

Can enter 10 digits for calculations


Can work through Solar Panels (With natural sunlight); Can work with AAA batteries

USB Connection

2.4G wireless connection

Soft Keys

soft keys for easy usage

Multi Device Usage

Supports Windows systems on laptops as well as MacBook


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Say hello to the smartest calculator around

Xech Number Cruncher is a super-intelligent Multifunctional Calculator, that connects to Mac & Windows systems via a 2.4 GHz USB Connection. With this Smart Calculator you’ll also be able to control your system’s Media, with its convenient Media Function Keys.

Designed to enhance the speed of Numerical Calculations on a Traditional Laptop Keyboard, Number Cruncher has a vibrant display that can display up to 10 Digits for Calculations. It even runs on Solar Power, Triple-A Batteries & can be used as a Standalone Calculator! Make everyday calculations smarter with the Xech Number Cruncher!

HyperFast 2.4 GHz Connection

Stays connected with ultra-precision.

Xech Number Cruncher comes with a 2.4 GHz USB Connection with an external USB pin that connects to any Windows or Mac Device. This provides a stable, always-on connection for ultra-fast calculations on your Laptop or Desktop. The Stand Alone Calculator of the Number Cruncher can run on Triple-A Batteries & even Solar Power! It does not require any connection to operate.

Multiple Power Sources

Always ready to crunch numbers. Always powered.

When we designed Number Cruncher we wanted to make sure that no matter what, the device is always ready to use. Besides being used as a connected Smart Calculator, Number Cruncher can even be used as a Stand Alone Calculator without any USB Connection as the device can also run on Triple-A Batteries & Solar Energy, because of the conveniently placed Solar Charging Panel at the top of the device.

Multimedia Keys

Handles the numbers & controls your media.

Xech Number Cruncher doubles up as a Media Controller for your connected devices. You can Pause/ Play, Go to the Previous/ Next Track, Control the Volume, etc.

Premium Keys

Hard on calculations. Easy on your fingers.

Xech Number Cruncher’s keys are designed not only with premium quality but also have a High Quality laser engraving that’s dust & scratch resistant. They also come with a Soft Touch, Noiseless mechanism that does not create a Typing Noise. More numbers. Less disturbance.

Dedicated Send Button

 A Dedicated Send Button for One Touch functioning.

Xech Number Cruncher comes with a dedicated Send Button, to instantly send calculations to your connected device, this makes it easier than ever to work with compatible Programs such as Excel or Spreadsheets. Making it a preferred device for those working with accounts.