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    This wireless, splash proof earphones are designed keeping sports and workouts in mind. Operates with 4.2 Bluetooth technologies that will be able to drive the web connected devices of the future

    Why spend thousands on a virtual assistant?
    Start a conversation with Siri/Google Assistant/Bixby/Cortana at the touch of a button (Press power button for 2 seconds. Magnetic ear buds lets you connect the earpieces together whenever you are not using them, to male them stay in place and makes sure that it don’t fall from your neck.

    Easy access to playback and volume controls. Each day, AI earphone can help you, gets smarter, and coaches you to real results. AI will help you to call any one from your contact list, can assist you to book an cab for you, can assist you to check weather, can help to play your favorite music and talk on the phone touching a single button.

    Easy access to playback and volume controls. Enjoy your music almost anywhere with these IPX4 rated water resistant earphones.

    A great assistant makes your life more motivating, fun, and effective. That’s why we have come up with AI Earphone —an evolving personal assistant. Wear your XECH AI Earphone and start a relationship with an assistant to make your day to day task more fun and easy.


    Battery capacity                      : 120mA

    Charging Time                        : 2 hours

    Playing Time                           : 7-8 hours (Medium Volume)

    Talking time                            : 6 hours

    Operating Distance                : 10m 

    IP4X Water Resistant


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