How can I make my WiFi work better?


The internet has been one of the most important developments in the technological history of this world. With the advent of broadband and much easier accessibility to the internet, our communication, entertainment and information needs have been comfortably met. However, if earlier the requirement of wires was a necessity for accessing the net, the emergence of WiFi has truly revolutionalized the manner in which the internet is being accessed across the world today. People are using this technology to access the internet at their home and outside through their smart gadgets.

However, since all of us are always looking to make things better for us, there are ways in which you can make the WiFi work faster. The following is what you need to do:

a)Make use of the latest router hardware to get the best streaming experience and without any buffering issues especially for Chromecasts and for smart phone usage.The wireless AC connection is the latest that prevents any video stuttering due to its capacity to stream data much faster than its predecessors.

b)The router has to be powerful enough to propagate through the house and if need be you can add repeaters that will boost the signals.

  1. c) Identify the appropriate spot for keeping the router. Hiding them behind an object will lead to diminished performance. Ideally, mount it on the wall and point the antennas in a perpendicular direction. Having the router at the centre of the house works best for signal propagation all across the house.
  2. d) You need to also find the right wireless channel that is free from interferences from other signals. Very often the neighbor wireless signal can interfere with yours causing speeds to fall.
  3. e) Keep stuff like cordless phones, TV, microwave oven away from the router as there could be interference of signals.

f)Prevent theft of your wireless bandwidth by proper authentication of passwords and cloaking. You can do so by hiding the SSID of the router from the prying eyes of other users.

  1. g) Making use of range extenders is another way to get better performance from your router. They are not very expensive and you will experience a marked increase in speeds.
  2. h) If you have family members who are heavy users of the wireless internet and download big files, then you can use the Quality Of Service parameter to prioritize applications and how the bandwidth has to be allocated.

The above steps will surely help you get the best out of your wireless internet. There are other hacks that you may also try out through DIY methods that will enhance performance.

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