Amazing Wireless charging pads you must own

If you have a smart phone, then you would have and will still cringe at having to keep charging the device ever so often. This is despite the fact that batteries of smart phones today are much more long lasting, but so have the demands on them, what with increased use of data and gaming. What may also be irritating to you must be the usage of the wired charger and the time it takes to shore up the battery full charge.

Welcome then to wireless charging pads. These are wonderful pads that do not require a cord to be inserted into your device to charge it. All you have to do is rest the device on the charging pad and it will power the device. On the iPhone, it will help you free up the lightning-connector port for you to make use of the wired earphones during the charging process.

You may look at the Xech wireless charging pads to have your first experience at such charging. It is necessary here to mention though that the speed of charging is slower than wired charging. The speed of wired charging remains the best as of this date.The benefit is you can take these with you at any time and do not have to manage wires or physically plugging them and finding a power outlet each time.

Another limitation is you cannot use your smart phone while it is charging. It therefore makes sense to use the wireless charging pads overnight so that you get a fully charged device the next morning.

So what makes for a good wireless charging pad?

  1. a) The first one is the WPC certification which indicates the pad is safe to use and complies with the Qi standard.
  2. b) The power source for the wireless chargers in form of the Micro-USB would be the ideal option. A USB wall adapter would be most welcome as well.
  3. c) The grip offered by the pad is important from the perspective of not only holding the device in place.

d)Status LED lights indicating the extent of charging is next on the list.

  1. e) Finally, the brand reputation and warranty as well as customer support offered.

At Xech, you will find the Xech wireless charging pads complying to all of the above parameters. Give us a call to know more about this product on the numbers below.

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